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Squeaky Clean

by fancypants, October 13, 2011

A couple years ago I started doing cleanses. I started with a guided 18 day cleanse, which included a 4 day liquid fast. On the 4th day I ran a 5K with a tremendous amount of energy. It has always been a good experience, mainly as a great reminder to get my eating back on track and to eliminate some of the demons I’m prone to, like too much chocolate and a good glass of wine. I’ll also never say no to a chicken wing. I blame my incredibly healthy upbringing for my love of junk food.

Anyway, a couple people had asked me about the cleanse I was just on, and so I thought I’d blog about it. I just completed a 5 day cleanse that is the first 5 days of a 30 day program by Cynthia Sass from her book called Cinch. It’s pretty simple really: spinach, yoghurt, almonds, raspberries and egg. Not all at once. Breakfast could be spinach sautéed with egg and a dash of vinegar. Dinner, a salad with all ingredients. There are actually plenty of combinations, and the only thing I changed was the 10pm smoothie I had at 3pm, which is when I generally start to flag. What I really did like, was the fact that everything was measured out for you. I hate having to try and decode what I’m supposed to be eating. Tell me to eat 10 almonds and I’ll eat 10 almonds…

Besides the monotony of 5 days of the same flavor and textures (you are allowed to use vinegar and seasonings however), it was a pretty good cleanse, and for the most part, it did what I had hoped. I lost 4lbs, and although I’m still nibbling on the frequent bite of chocolate, I’m not much in the mood for a burger. In fact, I’ve gone on, and I’m doing the other 25 days of her eating plan, which I must admit, includes some pretty nice recipes. And yes, even chocolate!