9.27mindmapThe hardest thing about being back from a vacation is the million things that I’m always planning to do. For two weeks I put those aside, but now that we’re back in the swing of things, these are a few of the items on my plate:

– join a gym because my toe is broken and I can’t start bootcamp just yet
– sign all of my kids up for dance classes: and find a breakdance class for boys, jazz class for girls who have never done jazz, and tap/jazz for the little boy who just wants to dance
– decide whether said little boy is too young for cello lessons
– schedule trumpet lessons for other boy and Darian
– find time to write a book
– find a kids dentist and schedule appt. for dancing boy
– update all of our work collateral
– update all of our business cards
– find a new house
– meal plan for next week
– ship things. All sorts of things I’ve been meaning or needing to ship to all sorts of people
– sell my tutu company
– get something injected into my face to make the wrinkles go away

And that’s just today. We’ll see what tomorrow might bring.