This week was a challenge because Darian was out of town, so the impetus to cook was a little diminished, shall we say. I did, however, create some delectable dishes that I’d like to share.

The first, a Monday night chicken broccoli pasta dish, was inspired by our Sunday night dinner at Brio in Cherry Creek. While the food was by no means gourmet, it was delicious, highly fattening I’m sure, and the service was good. Plus, Milan spent most of the dinner under the table, so things were quiet. Anyway, I wanted to recreate a healthier version of the meal we made, and make something that the kids would like too. Also, I pieced it together based on what was available at home, and had to use some frozen goods where my choice is normally fresh…nevertheless…
– frozen grilled chicken strips from Costco
– fresh broccoli
– wholewheat penne pasta

While I cooked the penne al dente, I throw the chicken strips into some garlic olive oil and sauted them along with the broccoli. Before I added anything more than a dash of salt, I took out the kids’ portions so that I could make the meal a little more “adult”. To do so, I added in some garlic, a spoon full of sour cream and a splash of red wine. Absolutely delicious! I tossed the whole meal together in under 20 minutes and the leftovers made a great lunch the next day!

And yes, I really need some help with my food photography!