I realized that other day that it’s been a long time since I was at home with the kids. Granted they’re all at school until various times of day, but for the past 3 year I’ve worked full-time, so haven’t been home to prepare snacks after school and cajole people into doing their homework.

And it really takes me back. Milan finishes school at 12pm for the first few weeks, and our nanny is in school, so I’m back to that familiar old sense of trying to cram as many activities as I can into four hours. Man I’m good at it!

Parts of it I really love, like my daily lunch dates with Milan. But part of me is so antsy to get back to work and have our office all set up out here. I’m faking it, you see. I’m pretending that I’m a full-time mom and pretending that I’m a full-time CEO and the pretence really just means that I’m not doing either to the best of my abilities. You see, when I work, I can devote myself 100% to the kids when I’m with them. But when I’m with them 100%, I can’t devote myself to them completely because I’m trying to fit everything else in as well, and into an impossibly small window of time too.

I know that the situation is just temporary, so I’m trying to enjoy it for what it is: a change to get back to basics and remember what is important in my life. Yes, my kids. And yes, my work. And yes, getting a quick surf in on a Friday morning too.