So, Mad Greens is a “healthy” quick serve restaurant here in Colorado that specializes in salads. They tout themselves as hand crafted, with premium, fresh ingredients using a tagline of “inspired eats”. However, taking my kids there one weekend, I was way less than inspired by this:

Come on – you’re parading as a healthy restaurant but you’re prepared to serve my kids Kraft Mac n’ Cheese from the box? And for $4.25 at that? Simply disgusting. Stand up to your brand values and do something organic, or dare we say, fresh. Or don’t serve it at all! I asked the staff at two different stores, and they both admitted that it’s Kraft out of the box and agreed that it’s horrible and that Mad Greens needs to change this. I’ve tweeted Mad Greens about it, and left a message on their Facebook wall, and they’ve never responded. The solution? I just won’t go back? What a pity.