I’m allergic to dogs. Sneezing, coughing, wheezing kind of allergic. I have to get shots, kind of allergic. So when I enter a retail environment that has a dog, it’s really difficult for me to stay. Something that can’t often be said about me! This past week I went into two stores that had “store dogs” loping around. One was a cute new gift store in Lowry, the little “village” down the road from me . God knows I love a gift store, especially with pretty lanterns and sweet necklaces. But after a once round, the sneezing began, and although the mutt seemed quite friendly, nothing would get me back in there. Nope, I’ll be frequenting the 3 other gift stores in the same street.

Likewise for the Title Nine Store in Cherry Creek, my other “village”. Chain store, great catalog, but with a Lulu Lemon and a Lucy in the same area, there’s some competition. And shopping there today left a bad, well, antihistamine taste in my mouth, because of the cross between a pitbull and boxer which had to be constantly shooed away from me by my husband. Not only did this pink eyed beast make me distinctly neverous (yes, you realized I’m not a dog lover, I know), but I really and truly couldn’t stop sneezing. No apologies from the shop assistant. Nobody taking the dog away from a clearly unhappy, now snot filled customer. Please don’t be presumptuous and assume that everyone loves dogs as much as you do! Especially when I have a pretty good reason not to.

So there you have it pooch lovers. I don’t know what having a dog in your store does for the competition. I’m sure it’s lovely to be dog friendly. And a lot of people must think you’re very nice for having your dog there. But I’m allergic. And that’s so not fun. So I don’t see the fun in shopping with your pooch slobbering nearby. And yes, I do have a choice of where I shop and it sure ain’t going to be with your hound around! Atchoo!