Here’s a story that has really been bothering me the past few weeks, especially since fundraising for cancer, and Cookies For Kids’ Cancer has been top of mind. There’s a cupcake shop here in Denver called Big Fat Cupcake – I think it’s a horrible name to start with – and the woman who owns it, Kathleen Nevin, purported to give 10% of the proceeds of her shop to cancer patients. And now it turns out that this might not be true. Some say she’s just a bad business woman, and other say she’s a fraud. And things kinda stack up against her, with only 1 $1500 donation in over two years, no record of non-profit status and nobody in the store knowing much about the “foundation” she was supposed to have created. In fact her website now states, “Big Fat Cupcake donates to several different causes. Check back for updates”. She even recently launched a calendar to raise money for her foundation:¬†

Here’s a good article on the story – tell me what YOU think…A good article on the Denver Channel who sent in undercover cameras to the shop. And I love the comments on here¬†—not-so-much

If this lady has indeed been lying about her charitable contributions we really shouldn’t support her shop any longer. My 2 cents…The moral of the story? Make sure you know what kind of organization you’re donating to. As them what percentage of their fundraising actually gets donated. Many organizations only donate a few percent. And most of all, make sure that they’re a bonafide non-profit.