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I’m no pussy.

It hit me this morning. I was in Target, looking for boy’s pants amongst the brown and greys and olive greens, clothes for working, clothes that mean business, when I passed the girl’s section with it’s bright colors, frills and lots and lots of pink clothes for twirling and looking cute and pretty. And suddenly I […]

Day One: Waiting for the magic to happen

You’re wrong!

Was just reminded of the importance of saying you were wrong. It’s so a great message to send to your kids. We are not perfect beings. Showing flaws as a parent help our kids realize that there are more important things in the world to strive for than perfection. And it teaches them that admitting […]

No Love Lost

How interesting that a symbol so poignant to Paris’ visitor is considered vandalism by its residents. Locks on Pont Des Arts are soon to be removed and apparent signs are posted detailing the closure of the bridge to do so. Removal starts tomorrow and I’m glad that we got to see it in person. Bittersweet!