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Lighting the way

Genius idea from this women run business in Rustenberg, South Africa. Repurpose School Bags takes plastic bags and turns them into backpacks that have a solar charging panel, providing kids with up to 12 hours of light by which to do their homework. Many kids in South Africa walk to school and have no electricity. […]

Yo, yo homie.

My husband was recently looking for a more manly, huge-mega-never-run-out-size body wash and very excitedly told me that he’d found a huge bottle on Amazon. This morning I got into the shower only to find this: He says he didn’t even see that it’s called “Swagger” but at least now I know that he’s got some. […]

Women Who Run With The Wolves

On 11/2/2014 I ran my 8th marathon. 5th New York Marathon. And I finished in 4:45:51 – the second fastest marathon I’ve ever run. It was also the most fun I’ve had running a marathon. I literally had a wall to wall grin the entire way. But this marathon was different, it wasn’t about time, […]