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Road Map

My husband and I have breakfast at the same restaurant several times each week. It’s a couple of towns over and an easy 15 minute drive from our home. I know the drive like the back of my hand. And last week I got lost on the way there. Twice. I was so wrapped up […]


I was driving home with my daughter this evening and we stopped at a light. I glanced at the car next to me as both occupants reached for their phones. For the few minutes we sat there, they both were absorbed in what was on their screens, not a moment of communication between them. Two […]

Morning Sunshine

I love small things that make life special. Each morning I use this spoon to scoop out the last delicious remains of my cappuccino foam. What a simple, happy way to start my day! This particular spoon is by JessicaNDesigns on Etsy¬†– it’s one of my new favorite items to gift too!

Mother, may I?

I had an interesting conversation the other night about how, as women, we make ourselves ask permission for things and we become resentful because our husbands don’t. Please understand that I truly have the most supportive husband in the entire world. Known fact. Didn’t bat an eye when I asked if I could go surfing […]

Sir Crunch-A-Lot

When I travel back to South Africa, the thing that always gets me is the food. There are flavors that are so typically South African, and I don’t just mean traditional spices and savories. We were at the quaint farm store grocer at the Casterbridge Center in White River, on our way to the Gowrie […]

Splash Dance

Yesterday I can home from my post-work run, hot, sweaty and a little bothered by a nagging muscle pain. Darian was heading out to the airport for the evening and was waiting for me to watch the two kids who weren’t at dance with our nanny. And I remembered that I hadn’t remembered to get […]

No Guts, No Glory

Why am I only learning this at 40? That I really, really need to trust my gut. Jeez Louise, it never fails! Something will happen and then, whack, I realize that I knew it all along. So what does one do? Tie a piece of string on one’s pinky as a reminder to do a […]