Well, this weekend I went a little OCD on the meal planning. And along with that we’re trying to go really, really healthy too, which involved another costly trip to Whole Foods (during which, I might add, my Max cried the ENTIRE) trip but that’s another blog entry, maybe filed under “Crazy Town”. Anyway, I researched some delicious looking recipes from a book I love, “1000 low-fat recipes by Terry Golson” and decided to throw a bunch of them into a meal plan, just as Darian has been bugging me to do. But of course I went all OCD on myself and had to create a pretty chart that cross references a recipe document and a separate grocery list. It took me hours to get the columns just right, but it’s a beaut, right?

You’ll notice that I’ve added the recipes onto the chart to make it completely fool proof (not that Darian’s a fool), and I even went a bought a binder that will live in the kitchen. let’s see how long I manage to keep this one up!

Just out of interest, we did our complete grocery shop at Whole Foods. $230, we had all the natural product versions of the ingredients above. I’ll let you know if it was worth the additional expense, but I really did love the shopping experience. And did I mention that Max cried the entire time?

PS: You’ll also notice that I have NO IDEA what my 47 gallon jug of sauce from Costco is called, so we just call it Mrs. Yoshuhashaharamara, or something like that. But it is delicious on Salmon.

P.P.S: Darian has requested that for next week I don’t just write “veggies”, I actually need to list which veggies. The man really doesn’t like the think in the kitchen and one day when I’m a compulsive freak, please refer back to this post and remind us of why, thanks.