I wish that you’d come back, Em. Just for a little bit. So that we at least could say goodbye. And that I could tell you that even though we were far apart, you were always my special friend, Em. I wish that you’d come back. So that I could tell you how my life changed because of you. Because of the day you came marching up to me at art school and virtually demanded that we be friends. Me, a music student, new to the school, and you, the gorgeous drama student, tall, blonde who was dating the head boy. You had this mixture between sweet, good girl and wild abandon. And an honesty and innocence that always remained. All the boys wanted you, and all the girls wanted to be you. Is that a cliche? But you and me, Em, we were simply friends. Sometimes close, close, close friends, and sometimes so far apart. But that was 20 years of friendship Em, and you were always there and I was always here, and if we needed each other, we’d be around. And now you’re gone Em. And I wish that you’d come back. Just for a little bit.


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