We had a little school BBQ over the weekend. Little for me is about 30 adults and 30 kids. But I don’t like to do anything small. And my theory is that if you’re catering for over 10 people, it’s all the same. Anyway, last year we did an ice-cream bar and it was super messy, so this year I decided to do a Cupcake Bar.

Our favorite Denver bakery, Cake Crumbs (they run the Denver Cupcake Truck and we adore Sean and Denon, not only because they carry Vuka!), baked us 90 cupcakes in a variety of flavors, each iced with simple white icing.

I bought some absolutely perfect candy jars from Cost Plus and voila! We had a cupcake bar. I think that the kids’ eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they saw all that candy!

We had the kids line up (they were remarkably patient!) and then each one loaded up their cupcakes.

Their masterpieces were mouth watering!

It was such a hit that we’re going to have another cupcake social in August for my 3rd kid’s class. Pass the sprinkles please!