1601527_463008003803760_1344243314_nI was driving home with my daughter this evening and we stopped at a light. I glanced at the car next to me as both occupants reached for their phones. For the few minutes we sat there, they both were absorbed in what was on their screens, not a moment of communication between them. Two people together yet so, so far apart. As the light changed, my ten year old squeezed my hand and shared a smile¬†with me. We are so compelled by technology that we get so separated from ourselves and the world around us. While it’s an amazing tool, when we can’t even go as long as a stoplight without checking our phones, I think that maybe we need to re-look at how this works in our lives. So try it next time…don’t pick up the phone. Tuck it away until you get to your destination and see what happens. Go on. I dare you!