I really want to be the kind of girl who wears jewelry like this. Of course in an effortlessly chic hippie kind of way. My friend Claudia wears an armful of wood bead bracelets and they look awesome. I have a couple of Dogeared pieces, and I bought some for a friend recently too. I also wore their orange wish bracelet with little pink gold beads to remember my friend Gretchen’s son Liam, until it fell off in the ocean in Mexico. I need a new one. And I don’t need a bracelet to remember Liam.

I think I’d like lots of Dogeared baubles and I need to layer them, heavily. But while I work on that, I just wanted to share that Dogeared is having a sale for about another 24 hours. So maybe I can get to buying a couple trinkets that will get me to my goal. Lofty aspirations for a Tuesday, right?