I just so love it when my weekend brings epiphanies. It’s so refreshing. This time, I spent the day wired on Saturday. No, no. Not drugs. Yet. But wired to the internet and the interwebnet world. Not the real big wide world. First I went for my allergy shot, while I sat and read my iPad. The I spent about 3 hours working on my computer at a Starbucks, listening to Pandora all the while. When I got home, I sat on my computer and organized some photos, and then played Words With Friends while the kids watched a movie. In between, I periodically checked my emails on my phone here and there.

And when I went to bed, I felt bleuch. And a bit blah. And very blergh. Ish. And this the epiphany. No more. No more connected 24/7. No, I’m not getting of Facebook or stop using the internet (and you’ll see the post later this week). But I’m planning to be much more judicious about it.

Now, this isn’t really something new to me. I used to be really great with my online time. For example, if you email me, you’ll get this response back: Herein lies the rub: I get an extraordinary amount of emails every day. Must be almost a ton. So, in an attempt to increase productivity, I’m limiting the times I check email to 9am, 12pm and 2:30pm. If you really really need me, please call my office on 720-535-1831 or reach me on my cell. Otherwise, you can expect that I’ll get back to you in some measure of a timely manner. Ta!

But the thing is – I’ve broken my own work. I check email repeatedly. Sometimes minutes apart. I’m obsessive. I don’t stop at a stoplight without reaching for my phone. And I don’t make it through a TV commercial either.

And so, I’m stopping. And I’m making Darian stop along with me. So this morning while we waited for our Starbucks, we actually chatted to each other instead of reading emails. And that was rather nice. I can’t wait to chat more later. And to end, this was my Facebook state update: Today I start to limit what is unimportant, moderate what is moderately so and relish what is.