On Friday I had an epiphany. I took the day off work so that I could prepare and cook for our 24 Passover guests. And I was a little bitter and stressed out. There was nobody to help me, and even though I work as hard as Darian, it’s always just expected that I take off work for holidays or sick kids etc. And I woke up with a bad attitude. For about 35 seconds. And then the epiphany: I could either make this really miserable and have an awful day, or I could just have a ball and make it the most fun day ever. And so I threw in the towel on miserable, put on a pair of cargo pants and a baseball hat (I have no idea why this is relevant), and hit the stores. I checked in on Facebook all the way, and cheerfully rolled my way around grocery store after party store. I was set in just a couple hours, and I was happy. Really happy. So happy that when nobody was home to help me carry the bags, I made it my workout for the day. And I kept my iPhone nearby so that I could photograph my cooking for my blog. Tada!

About an hour into cooking the world’s most expensive brisket, my mom turned up with a bunch of roses and a few hours to spare, which was a great surprise, and I was so happy for the help and the company. And the roses. And then Darian phoned to say he had decided to come home early, and with his help I even managed to shower, which hadn’t been part of my plan! My table came together perfectly, the brisket was delicious and we all had a really good evening. My kids went to bed at 11pm.

So here’s the thing: this great mood carried on through the weekend, and it really rubbed off on my kids too. I can’t sat that it will last forever, but why not choose to be happy if you don’t have to be something other? I’ll admit, this is a bit of a tough time for us right now, in the most positive and fruitful way possible, thankfully, but I’m in a pretty high stress situation, and it could so easily go the wrong way. But I don’t want it to. That isn’t how I want to live my life. I want to be cheerful, and have good humor, and above all, be happy. Because it’s my choice, after all.