I had lunch yesterday with someone whose fashion sense I have admired for years. While we sat and talked, I became obsessed with some clunky bracelets she was wearing that rattled when she spoke. I loved it. So cool. So chic. So unusual. So funny that I must have about ten of those very same clunky bracelets in my drawer that I never wear. Why? Because I tend to not fully express myself.

bracelet expression

You see, I’m actually a bit of fashionista. And that surprises people because I don’t express it. I grew up in fashion because that was my father’s business, I read Vogue, I follow fashion trend blogs and when I go into a store, I say pretentious things like “do you have this in another color story” and “I just don’t like a blousonned sleeve”. I tend to wear jeans and a t-shirt more often than the clothes that actually fill my wardrobe! I love fashion because I love creativity and expression and the fact that you can create a persona for yourself just by donning a blouse. But I don’t do it. I leave the bracelets off because, well, because I’m lazy and maybe I’ve become too conformist. But my very stylish friend said something to me that really struck home. She said, “I’m almost 40 and I think I’ve earned the right to be a little bit crazy”. Hell, at 41 I can’t believe I’ve wasted a whole year! Vive Le Difference!