Sometimes I forget how sensitive and intuitive kids really are. Last night Darian and I brought a work conversation home. We should have waited until the kids were in bed. They deserved the two hours they get with us in the evening, and we forgot that. We forgot that because sometimes it’s hard to turn off and separate the different parts of our lives. Last year my motto was, “BITE SIZE CHUNKS” and it was really, really helpful and effective, and maybe that’s something I need to keep going this year too. But last night I bit off more than I could chew, and it ended with Mia holding up a note that said, “No fighting please”. We weren’t really fighting. We were having a work discussion. But how is a 7 year old to know the difference?

Dinner was a battle to keep Milan at the table, Max to stop crying and Mia to stop being sassy. And it was a battle all round. Our issue was unresolved and boy did it bite us. I don’t think that Mia went to sleep until 10pm – not ok in our books.

I want our kids the stay the gentle souls they are – what a great reminder that I need to treat them gently.