It’s the battle of the long lasting lipgloss! I was at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and realized that the difference between celebrities and normal people is their application of lip gloss. And so the hunt began, with me scouring the aisles of the Target make-up section for the best long-lasting version. I’ve literally tried them all. And then I saw Gwen Stephani on TV looking like her lusciously glossy lips would never smudge, ever. Infallible, it’s called, and as I sit here, 2 hours after application, I look nothing like Gwennie. In fact, I think I ate most of it with my morning grapefruit, I think. However, there is still a smidgeon there, and it’s vaguely glossy, and so, it’s between Infallible, which is definitely the glossiest, and the Revlon version, which stays on longer, but tastes quite horrible and is a bit more paint like. Neither of them really stay glossy for long though, so I’m thinking of filing a class action suit. They’re definitely running my celebrity. Pucker up, people!