I’ve never been a breakfast kind of girl. Sunday morning bacon and eggs at my fave breakfast joint, yes. But cornflakes and eggs and home, no. Until I became a Skinny Chick. I hate to say it, yes, because it’s a really silly name. Especially since Darian is one too. But there is a book called “Skinny Chicks Don’t Eat Salad” (painful, I know) by nutritionalist Christine Avanti, and her breakfasts introduced us to a whole new world of morning deliciousness. Simple and easy to make and very transportable: we put these into Gladware containers and eat them at the office.

My bestie? A scoop of Greek yoghurt, a handful or fresh fruit (Mangoes are in the pic, but we use strawbs, blueberries and kiwi¬†a lot too), a scoop of cottage cheese (believe me, I didn’t like the idea at first either, but now I’m in love) and a tablespoon of nuts (I like almonds, walnuts and pecans the most) and voila. Deloishable breakfast. Easy to make, nutritious and a wonderful way to start the day. Plus it’s filling enough to keep me going until lunch. MMMMMMmmmmm, lunch! Now, if we could only get Christine Avanti to rename her book and I’d be more of a follower.