My latest trick, is that before we head into a grocery store, I devise some games for the kids to play. My favorite is “Madam is my mystery object…?”. I find that when I give the games fancy names, they’re even more enjoyable to play! In my mind I select an object in the store for each child and that’s their mystery object. On our last trip, Max’s was a red t-shirt and Mia’s was a bunch of bananas. They can guess outright, or ask a series of questions to guess their mystery object. They may only ask 3 questions in a row, otherwise that constitutes nagging. Max got his red t-shirt really quickly, but was happy to watch as Mia struggled to guess hers! My other favorite game is “Crazy Kids”, where I give them a series of crazy directions. For example, to walk like a certain character, act in a specific way, or do something funny. So we’d have, “Walk like a penguin for the length of this aisle”. Or, say “Good Morning to you Madam” to everyone we pass in the fruit section. These games certainly occupy our time, and often the kids will get a little reward at the end for being well behaved, even if they were walking like penguins! I had to laugh the other day as we were driving towards the grocery store and I asked the kids what games they wanted to play. Mia said, “Mystery Object”, Max said, “Crazy Kids” and Milan said, “I just want a cookie”.