“Must be for the really fancy people.” I though. “It’s for the man with the yellow Ferrari, right?”.

CardiffSeasideMarketDeliveryI had just dropped the kids off at school, when a van emblazoned with my favorite grocery store’s name rolled past me with a big sign stating, “Home Delivery”.

Apparently the fancy people aren’t necessarily that fancy anymore! For an additional, wait for it, $10, Seaside Market delivers our groceries to our home. I simply call, or email a nice guy named Bernie (at least I hope he’s nice because last week he found the door open and put the groceries in my fridge for me), he then goes around the store and selects my goods (he knows I like organic food but I don’t care where my bananas come from), then he bags them, and drives over to my house. He has our gate code, so just drives in and drops them off (and yes, we have since made sure the door is now locked, not that I really minded). All that for $10. And it saves me at least an hour in grocery shopping time and probably $50 each trip because I don’t buy a bunch of stuff I don’t need. They don’t call me Fancypants for nothin’!