Wow, what a week with our now 9 year old Mia. While she’s generally been the most stable of our kids, who chats up a storm merrily (she calls herself the Parrot), it seems like she turned 9 and the hormones hit. No kidding! While she was swamped over the past two weeks with her big role as Glinda in the Rocky Mountain Theatre For Kids’ production of The Wiz (see here, says the boastful mom) and had hours of rehearsals, we had just put it down to some stress and being exhausted, right? But now my sneaking suspicion is the hormones (confirmed somewhat by the pediatrician on her 9 year visit this week) and apparently she’s in Stage 2 – 3 of puberty! The kid is 9!!! And we should expect her first period in 12 – 18 months. Wowzer!!

And so, on Tuesday night, she completely melted down. Started crying at dinner because she didn’t like the noodles she ordered and things just went downhill from there. We ended up at home with her sobbing in my arms and telling me that she just can’t seem to find her “place”. Interesting, considering that we’re moving at the end of summer, and I think that finishing theatre made her feel loss, and she’s applying that loss to the impending move. We really had a good heart to heart, and my message to her was that she can choose to make these last few months great, or miserable, and she gets to make that choice every day, and gets to choose what her friends’ last memories are of her.

I think we’re getting there, and it’s amazing to have a kid who can express herself so well and who shares her emotions with us. I think it’s going to help when she hits the teenage full blow hormone years. Or is this it?

Saving moment? As she cried in my arms, she said, “I love you mom. You always know how to make things better”. Best thing you can ever hear from your child.