Why, oh why don’t I trust my gut? And when am I going to recognize that the uncomfortable niggling feeling I get is actually my pretty good instincts trying to tell me something? It happens all the time. Over and over. And still I don’t get it. I knew that the nanny was NOT going to do ok with the kids during the school holidays. I knew it as clear as fact. But I went along thinking that she’d pull it together and suddenly become creative and innovative and capable of entertaining 3 creative and innovative and energetic kids for the whole summer vacation. Yep, as I read that I realize that I was so not listening, right? And truly, not even one day into summer vacation, she had a little breakdown that resulted in me sobbing in the shower (don’t tell her) and then scrambling to register my kids for every summer camp still available, which of course, is only the really expensive ones. And so now, my kids are enrolled in an eclectic collection of morning activities which I’m telling people is to ensure that they’re well-rounded, and the afternoons are taken up by a schedule I have created that pretty much lists out every minute until we get home from work. I would have saved us all a lot of time and money if I had just listened to my instincts in the first place. But will I learn? Probably not. And next summer vacation I can expect a good sob in the shower again.