I’m sure millions of people hit this realization, but I wish I knew what I do now when I was in my twenties. It would have been so much more fun. My makeup would have been fabulous. I’d know what suits my frame best, and I’d know what kind of man really and truly suits me. I could have saved countless hours of heartbreak if I had known not to date the long-haired bass player, or the long-haired photographer, or the long-haired drummer (don’t make me go on) and just go for the cool Jewish guy who could fix things instead.

Of course I would have benefitted from more than just fashion and dating advice. There is an amazing sense of comfort I have with who I am and how I feel. And it obviously takes almost 40 years to get to this. I really like my body and know how to cover up the parts I don’t. I am self-assured in knowing what I like and what I don’t, and what I am or am not prepared to accept. And that sugary alcoholic drinks give me a bad hangover. I know how to speak my mind when I should, and hold my tongue when I need to. And I know how to love unequivocally and the bliss of being loved right back.

I know that if I hadn’t gone through those parts of my life, I wouldn’t be so happy right now, but I hope that I can impart a few things to my kids that might make the transition a little easier. Let’s just hope they’ll listen. I’m sure I didn’t.