With uncanny insight, in-depth research and a whole lot of marketing acumen, Alexia Bregman can help transform your brand into, well, exactly¬†that: a brand. Understand your customer, find out how to reach them and end up with a “brand architecture” that will become your go-to business marketing tool. Alexia will help you head in the right direction every time. As both an entrepreneur and the custodian of some of the world’s greatest brands, she is able to combine big thinking and business acumen to help you create a unique position for your company. Whether it’s a product, service or concept, she dives in deep and quickly comes up with just the right angle. If you’re an established company looking for a refresh, or a new one not sure where to start, Fancypants is your secret weapon to giving yourself the edge you need. Insightful, smart, clever and concise, she can tackle any project with outstanding ability. And it’s really quite simple: no excessive retainers, no heavy hourly rates, each piece of work is on a per project basis. Pick and choose from the menu below or call Alexia to see what direction your brand can take. Now that’s Fancy!