My latest reality TV obsession: VH1’s Mob Wives. It’s like Real Housewives took a hit out on Long Island Psychic. 6 Staten Island women whose husbands or fathers have been incarcerated for crimes connected to the Mafia bring you into their lives. Although apparently violating a Mafia Code by appearing on TV, these gals don’t seem to be holding back one bit, in the fascinating expose of some of the weirdest, most scary women I have ever witnessed. Witness? No! What? I’m not a rat! Not me!!

My favorite character? Big Ang, Angela Raiola. A convicted Cocaine dealer, she’s the niece of Salvatore “Sally Dogs” Lombardi, a deceased captain of the Genovese crime family. Known as a “mob moll” she lives by the lifestyle code, through and through. But the reason I love her: She looks like a Sicilian prehistoric fish on steroids with the biggest gazoongas I have ever seen on any “human” being. She has the vocal tone of the Godfather, and when she laughs on camera, it chills me to the bone.

I mean, I seriously believe that these women could kill someone, and do regularly in between sushi and a good girls nights out.

I just love, love, love how the scenes are broken up with “P.I.” style photos as if they’re being followed. Which they probably are.