On Friday I had a call from the school principal. She told me that everything was fine, and that nobody had broken anything (quite necessary to state in our home) but she had Mia in the office, and Mia was pretty upset. Turn out that she was upset mainly because she had been called in to see the principal, but not because she had actually done anything wrong.The reason she was there was, because, get this, a boy decked another boy because over her. Turns out that this kid (who happens to be our realtor’s son – sure he’s not happy) has a huge crush on Mia and this other boy came over and told her, and so he decked the other boy.

And then the kid with the crush was really worried that he had upset Mia, and so she got called in. Apparently she was so freaked out when the principal called for her that she started to cry and refused to go to the office, so the principal (who is lovely) went to her. And they had a good chat. A really nice girl’s heart to heart. Mia, who is so not interested in boys, who spends her time making movies and playing with American Girl Dolls, was annoyed by the attention and admitted that she didn’t know what to say in those situations. And so the principal gave her good advice like saying, “Stop. This is making me uncomfortable”. Mia’s response to the principal? “I’m only 9! I didn’t think this would be happening at 9!” Of course we continued the conversation when she got home and all is now good. Other than us being freaked out that boys are fist-fighting over Mia already.

Just for the record, yes, we do own a shotgun.