So, I’ve got pretty stupid feet. They’re narrow, I have an injury in the ball of my left foot, I battle to wear heels, and after having 3 kids, my one foot (and I can never remember which!) is one entire half size larger than the other. And I’m obsessed, and I mean obsessed, with shoes. Obsessed. I am constantly buying shoes and boots of all shapes and sizes and can barely wear any of them.

The other day I bought an exquisite pair of Vera Wang Lavender pumps. They’re in a salmon pink anaconda skin print (really don’t think it’s real snake, right?) and I adore them. And they fit perfectly in the store. But after 15 minutes of wearing them in the real world, I was in agony. I didn’t want to return them┬ábecause they’re so pretty, and so of course, I tried to find a less agonizing solution.

Turns out it’s actually pretty easy to stretch shoes, and people even post videos about that. Go figure. And one easy purchase later, and I am now the proud owner of a shoe stretching kit. Granted it looks like some kind of archaic torture instrument, but for around $17, per stretcher, you can not only extend the length, but also insert little knobs in side areas that need to be stretched. 48 hours later, my Vera Wangs fit perfectly, and I’m now on to stretching a pair of Repettos (online sale, can’t return) which are WAY tiny (see picture). I’ll see what happens there. Next up with be a couple Tory Burch pumps and I’m on my way to shoe stretching heaven! No such thing as a tight fit in my world!