This week we’re going down to San Diego to choose a house. And look at offices. And we’ve pretty much ascertained that the kids and I will move mid August. We’re packing up the house for showing (when I say we, it’s me, and our Domestic Guru Jamie God Bless Her). And so of course I’m going through cupboards and boxes and tubs and the goddamn million stuffed animals that now only fit into three huge plastic bins. I’ve found photos of old boyfriends, and my 3 month ultrasound from Mia. I’ve come across certificates, and doodles, and old ad campaigns. And some notebooks that detailed my daily life before kids. Hahahahahaha. I’m excited to put it all in a big box and store it in a garage, and have only one set of plates and knives and forks. I’m excited to simplify. I’m excited for a sarong life. I just bought a pair of sandals that I can see myself wearing to the beach. It’s delicious, and scary, and fun, and melancholy all at the same time. And yes, it’s stressful, but I can smell the sea air and it’s getting closer and I hope that I don’t get to see another Colorado winter unless my plane is diverted. Off to iron my sarong now, thanks.