What a strange period – this little patch between Christmas and New Year and the beginning of the New Year. We’re often away at this time, so I guess mostly otherwise occupied. But this year we’re not off on some exotic, distracting adventure and we’re in weird limbo world, where the kids aren’t at school and we’re sort of, a bit, vaguely at work because we sort of think we need to be there, and the rest of the world is celebrating Christmas with great gusto. And so we dangle. Waiting for the New Year to ring in. I keep thinking that perhaps there will be a bell. A siren to herald in the new. But in the meantime I’m drifting from drabs of work to dribs of socializing to dabs of thinking and not completing anything. I’ve surfed a bit. Made a lovely lunch. Visited. Worked. Knitted. But really nothing. And I wonder if I’m waiting for something. Something new that might come with 2014. And so I’m going to dig deep for the next few days and find myself something to chew on. I know it will involve less mindless social media. And more mindful media. More mindfulness in general. And more doing what I want to do and less of what I don’t. Is this a set of New Year’s Resolutions coming on? Let’s see!