Since I’m on a big roast chicken blitz lately, I wanted to share a recipe from my high school friend Mor Getz who now lives in Israel. I haven’t made this dish, but it sounds delish!
– Massage the whole chicken with honey on the oven dish
– Put paprika and yeminite spices or other on both sides of the chicken
– Add rice directly on top of the oven tray
– Add bay leaves
– Wrap the sweet potato in aluminium foil
– Lay down the Jerusalem Artichoke next to the chicken (unwrapped)
– Add one glass of water onto the oven dish (you’ll need to add another in about 20 minutes when you turn the chicken)
– After turning the chicken leave for 20 minutes and cover with aluminium foil
– 20 minutes later add 1 more glass of water and turn the temperature from 200-180 so the sweet potato can bake and the chicken will not burn
– The time this takes to bake is well worth it.
TIP: Not for the faint hearted- this is the actual SECRET to the recipe – I layed down 3 complete pieces of anchovies (yes yes) on the top side of the chicken – you will barely feel it and nobody will notice, but it is a must. Before I closed the oven I dropped the anchovy oil all around.
When I make this recipe, I’m going to go easy on the paprika to serve the little one’s taste buds, and I love that the artichoke is separate as a yummy grown-up accompaniment. Sounds delish!