I’m in the airport restroom and am irritated that someone with a wheelchair has had to use a regular stall because an able bodied person is in the accessible stall. I’m thinking of things to say to the person, hoping to catch them when I leave my stall. Which of course I don’t. And most likely I wouldn’t either. And I realize that there isn’t actually a handicapped sign on the stall, so that probably just makes it a suggestion, right? But I’m still irritated, and this gets me to thinking. The crux of the matter is that I’m trying to figure out whether I’ve simply become a self-righteous, pompous ass, or whether there’s a better purpose and reason for me being annoyed by such things. My husband says I should have been a police woman, because I’m always commenting on someone throwing a cigarette out of the car window or parking where they shouldn’t. Or smoking on top of a child, or wearing shoes in the play area at the mall. True, there are rules, and some of these things aren’t allowed. There is a sign at the mall, and that gargantuan kid clearly measures taller than 4ft. But who am I to police people? It’s not like I don’t break rules sometimes too. But some of these things aren’t about rules. They’re about what I believe is right or wrong. And who am I to judge that? But then that’s like saying that I’m not entitled to an opinion. Which I clearly am. And boy am I opinionated. But, you just don’t have to agree with me. And I’m always happy to give you scope to fight back. I just have to muster up the courage to accost you in the bathroom, that’s all!


  1. Lex, I’m usually right there with you. Actually pulling up next to someone at a stop-light, rolling down the window and yelling at them for throwing their cigarette out the window, or at rude people who cut in line, or people who steal parking spots, etc. But, I have been that person who took a handicapped stall at a ski resort. First of all, what are the odds that I would be in there while an angry woman in a chair is waiting outside, But, why shouldn’t the handicapped person wait in line just like everyone else? It’s a stall that accommodates someone who is handicapped, but why does it have to remain open at all times for the chance that someone in a wheelchair might show up? Do they have less capability to hold their urine?

    I’m always all for doing the right thing. But, I think in this instance, anyone should be allowed to use the handicapped potty. 🙂