I thought I had sworn off junky stores like Forever 21 years ago, motivated by the fact that I am clearly years outside of their demographic. Ya think? But sometimes denim can stop me in my tracks, and since I was in the market for pair # 57, the front table at Love Culture caught my eye.

Now believe it or not, I’m not a frequent mall shopper. Online is my domain both for time, selection and convenience. So I hadn’t noticed that a new store had opened (unlike the 15 others that had closed, including Saks 5th Avenue) at my local Cherry Creek Mall.

Love Culture is junky with the best of them. Horribly merchandised with a clutter of every style and color imaginable, it’s difficult to shop and even harder to find anything of a decent quality. Here they take the shotgun approach and just hope that there’s one of something that someone will buy. And for $5 a tank top, that’s bound to happen.

They also have one of those hellatious return policies where there are no refunds, so girls like me who hate a changing room, either have to take a loss, or try on eleven tank tops after a line of 15 year olds with tramp stamps and muffin tops.

Browsing though the racks, there was not much Love and Culture in sight, until I spotted the denim. And I truly did one of those movie style double takes. With just enough stretch to make a curvy girl happy, and cuts that satisfy the vertically challenged amongst us, this makes it all worthwhile.

For under $100 (yes, you read that right) I walked out with 3 pairs of jeans. All fit me well, and all have survived a month of wear. And let me tell you, when paired with a $300 top, ain’t nobody telling the difference.