Over the last, say, 39 years, there have been people who still bug me to this day. And I’m sure it’s some kind of self-help technique that cults follow or something, but I’m going to write letters to each one of them to get it off my chest. I’m tired of wasting much needed energy even thinking about horrible people for one iota. Not that I’m prone to obsessing or anything, but every now and again, when I’m in the shower, or on Facebook, or in the shower on Facebook, these people cross my mind, and I get mad. And I’m so done with that. You can expect a couple of letters to people I don’t like, published here on my blog. And I half hope that someone reads them. Maybe it’s you? Haha. Never. I like you lots. Or as my dear friend Tanya recently said in an email, “love you long time”.