I just found a list that I wrote about two years ago. Always a good idea to write a list and find it two years later. See bold for comments. Next time I make a list, I’m not going to be quite so ambitious…

Write a book (I’m working on it! Currently on Chapter 3!)
Study social work/psychology
Renew my EMT license
Volunteer in an emergency room
Work with infants in need
Knit a completed, and I say completed sweater (I have nearly completed a scarf?)
Row in the Maccabi Games. I’m a realist – it’s almost like the Olympics. (I rowed one summer, kayaked the next, now I surf! Is there Maccabi surfing?)
Start a 1-800 hotline to help parents and prevent abuse (I’m keeping this one going…)
Have a 4th baby (don’t think that’s going to happen!)
Adopt a 5th baby from South Africa (you never know what I’ll bring home from a trip)
Move to California (Hopefully by the end of the year, yeah!)
Build a house (I’m still dreaming about it)
Learn to surf, properly (I can catch a wave and stand up by myself. I think that qualifies)
Make pottery (does knitting count?)
Become an enviable photographer (does knitting count?)
Learn to tap like Savion Glover (ummmmmm)
Buy a 1950’s pickup (but first a VW Bus, ok?)
Visit Barcelona
Get my nose pierced, with a ring (Done and done)
Learn a Mozart piano concerto
Buy a yacht


  1. It is a delight to read your “blog”. Sorry to hear that your moving to California. I do think it would be a great place to live if it did not already have so many people there already (and this from someone who lived in Tokyo for 3 years, go figure.).