A little while ago I was asked what my aspirations are for my kids, and I gave the most simple, honest answer: happiness

Really. It’s that easy. I don’t care what they do, or who they are. As long as they are happy people. Every morning I wake up and try and make that come true for them. Some days I don’t succeed and some days I feed them Nutella sandwiches and cheese sticks for dinner. Which makes them happy, not me. But I like to start out with that being the goal. Now don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t mean that I’m a fan of spoiled kids who get everything they want. That isn’t happiness. But they know the good stuff. Like the love, and the unspoken, and the mom and dad who adore them. And they know that my only goal for them is to be happy.

Apparently I’m a lot more like John Lennon that I had imagined. Haha.








And now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going for a kayak. Have to make myself happy too, right?