I was recently in need of a mega pair of headphones to block out the sounds in the cafe where I sit and write. And I needed something more striking than my Bose which are fabulous for flying but not so much on the looks department. These headphones needed to fulfill an aesthetic purpose too because, well, just because I want them to be cool, ok?


I was watching an episode of Project Runway All-Stars with my daughter last weekend and “thank you sponsors” all the designers popped on a magnificent pair of headphones to listen to a Debbie Harry song (Rock On Deb, you look great!). It was totes an OMG moment (ok, I was with my 10 year old, you dig?).

Photo on 1-28-14 at 3.59 PM

3 days later (thanks Amazon) I hit the cafe with Madonna’s Boobs on my head and I love them! Made by FRENDS, these are the LAYLA ROSE GOLD ($162). They completely block out the sound when I crank up my Pandora African Music channel to marimba thumping levels and they have exactly the weird cool look sure to deflect the other cafe dwellers.