The Moment

We don’t really do New Year’s Resolutions around here. I resolve to do it all eventually anyway. But this past year, I decided on a New Year’s Mantra. You see, I lead a relatively busy life. 3 kids, a couple more businesses, too many interests for the hours in the day. And sometimes it’s easy to get swept away. Far away. Away from my kids, from my husband, from the things I love to do. It’s easy to make the unimportant things crucial and to overlook the moments that really make life important.

A few years back I liked Emile Zola’s line, “I came to live out loud”. Really liked it. Along with pretty much all of the gay movement, who are living out loud. And proud.

Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff just wasn’t going to cut it, and in any case, I thought that my mantra needed to be a reminder of something profound. And at that moment, I realized that it was about the moment. Every singular second that passes me by.

I know. I know. My mantra is such a cliche: “Be In The Moment”. But it’s really not just a corny coffee cup inscription. I live by it. I relish it. And I think it keeps me sane. (Don’t go there: questioning my sanity!). I’m often asked how I manage “it all”…the big, vacuous “all” that I manage. I manage because life is about bite size chunks. Yep, it’s all in pieces for me. And I truly try and dedicate myself, be in the moment, for each and every piece.

Tonight I was reminded that life can change in an instant. I found out that an old friend has breast cancer. A double mastectomy and chemo kind of breast cancer. She’s around my age, divorced, with a little girl. And I was reminded, as I swept back the hair of my 2-year-old for that last of the night kiss, and I brushed a sleepy 4 year olds’ teeth, and snuggled a sweet 6-year-old into her fairy-light comfort, that every moment, could be the last. So I’m going to be there. In the moment. Every moment. Amen.