gutWhy am I only learning this at 40? That I really, really need to trust my gut. Jeez Louise, it never fails! Something will happen and then, whack, I realize that I knew it all along.

So what does one do? Tie a piece of string on one’s pinky as a reminder to do a gut check? Carry a large rubber mallet for some on the spot head smacking? How do you tune in to your gut instincts so that you don’t doubt them. I’m sure that there’s some fabulous transcendental trick or yoga mantra that I’m far too impatient for, but other than going to see a swami, does anyone else out there have a cure?

Because I’m sure that you’re like me – one little twinge in the belly and your instincts are telling you to run for the hills. But do you? Not in those heels.