I always fantasize about wearing cute Converse sneakers, and everytime I see someone in a sweet worn in pair, I’m envious. But with the several pairs I’ve bought over the past years, I’ve never really had any success. I guess I’m just not that casual laid back kicks kinda gal…However, with these Marimekko for Converse, I’m willing to give the sneaker me another try. Just love the eclectic African feel of them and adore that they arrived in a patterened canvas dust bag that I most certainly will use for something else cool too! Like my knitting.

Patterns featured on the shoes designed by the Finnish Marimekko, include ‘Tarha’ and Pikkusuomu’, designed by Annika Rimala in the 1960s, and ‘Kirppu’, designed in 1980 by Maija Isola and her daughter Kristina.

They run around $85 and I got mine from the converse.com website. Plus, they come with both black and white laces, and I appreciate that kind of attention to detail. Now, back to my knitting. We’re on mittens right now.