It’s Darian’s biggest pet peeve. He doesn’t mind cooking but hates thinking about what to eat. So, I’m trying to embark on weekly meal plans that allows him not one ounce of independent thought…me, not so much. Plus, we’re trying to get into shape after the holidays and I think it’s really important for us to be heart healthy as I am nearing 40 and Darian is over it! And, of course, the kids need to be able to eat what we’re eating.

I spent days looking for an online eating plan that would give me good recipes and offer meals that we like to eat – simple, clean, healthy and delicious. Nada. Really people, I’m not going to make Enchiladas and Meatloaf weekly, and all that pasta is NOT healthy for us! So, I decided to go the diet route. That’s right. I’ve put the entire family on a diet. Actually, for around $5.50 per week, I enrolled in the Jackie Warner (you know, she of the killers abs lesbian Bravo TV trainer fame?) online training program which, along with a personal trainer HANDPICKED by Ms. Warner (we think?) also comes with a daily meal plan: breakfast, lunch and supper! Voila. I get a workout, and I get meal ideas which, although aren’t showing much culinary brilliance, give me a good basis for a weekly grocery list and most importantly, a plan. I can improvise with that, and maybe lose 10lbs by July too?

Here’s an idea of our dinner meal plan this week:
Mon: Sirloin, sweet potato and broccoli
Tues: Salmon on a bed of mixed greens – the kids who won’t eat Salmon get beaten fishsticks.
Wed: Teriyaki Tuna with roasted veggies and wild rice
Thurs: Roast Beef with something delicious as yet to be decided
Fri: Grilled Chicken with veg and rice which I might just turn into a nice Shabbes whole roast chicken, yum!

My goal, as a wanna be culinary family dinner star, is to create something divine out of each of those dishes. I”m thinking that a great challenge for this week would be to make some delicious sides, so the veggie recipe book is coming out tonight. I’ll let you know what happens. In the meantime, boy are my thighs sore from those lunges.


  1. Love the use of the diet menu planner. It really is a fantastic approach to healthy meals the whole family will enjoy! I may be stealing some of those menus… Happy dining!