I was at LAX a few weeks ago and there was a huge billboard for something called Dearfoams. There was a pretty girl leaning against a car wearing these sort of fuzzy moccasins, and I thought, “I should wear fuzzy moccasins!”

And of course, like the good consumer I am, I hopped right onto amazon.com (where I make the majority of my purchases because of prime shipping, and bought a teal pair. I did for a moment wonder why they were referring to them as “slippers” but I thought that was perhaps some silly mistake from the factory in China. Until I received my purchase. Yep. They are decidedly slippers. But very cute slippers that look a bit like fuzzy moccasins. I’m going to wear them with jeans when the weather gets a bit better, but in the meantime I have to laugh when the cleaning lady keeps putting them next to my bed…

And, I duly noted that Rihanna herself was wearing Dearfoam SLIPPERS on set. I’m just going to pretend that I’m on set too. And…Action!