Since I’ve been on a grain discovery, my latest find is Farro. I bet you’ll see it popping up all over the place soon, but it’s becoming more common on the Whole Foods’ shelves where you can find it in the dry bulk bins and also packaged on the shelf, where it is sometimes cheaper per pound. Be aware that some Whole Foods’ get it a little wrong and shelve it with the pastas. No idea why. It’s clearly a grain.
Farro has a wholesome taste and is much less earthy than it looks. If you cook it more on the al dente side (can grains be al dente?), it is chewy, but not in a bad way! Cook it longer and it resembles the consistency of a hearty brown rice. It’s very flavorful and I’m creating all sort of recipes to accompany dishes I’m making. For example, the other day I made a Greek chicken casserole, and used Farro with sun dried tomato paste, flat leaf parsley and feta cheese. A perfect replacement for a salad, and it was wonderful cold the next day for lunch too!


  1. Farro, is so yummy and healthy. We used to have an arugula and farro salad with currants, chaved parm, tomatoes and red onion. Delicious!