Fancypants Holistic Life Coaching

Looking to live a bold life? Seeking to increase your health, wellness and overall happiness. Fancypants offers both business and life coaching in the areas of health and wealth. Our team of coaches have been assembled to assist you in all areas of your life. We believe in a holistic approach and that the entire mind and body has to reach it’s peak in order to perform in an optimal manner.

Services include:
– health and wellness coaching with a certified nutritionalist
– physical coaching with a certified personal trainer onsite at our facility or in your home
– motivational coaching with a mental wellness professional
– business/life coaching with a certified life coach
– access to our Fancypants app and online dashboard (coming soon)
– access to our boutique store
– 3, 6 and 12 month programs available

Based in sunny San Diego, our team offer a combined resource of health and wellness coaching, life coaching, business planning and even a focused pathway for our more senior community members. We believe that we offer something for every phase of your life and are excited to guide you into the direction you’d like your life to take. We have four amazing team members:

Alexia Bregman has a focus on health and wellness along with entrepreneurial and marketing advice for women who need to motivation to get their lives in the direction they want it to take.







Darian Bregman offers consulting and life coaching to men in their 40’s who need guidance and motivation.







Graham Milner is a life guide for senior community members with a focus on health and wellness and living a full life in the retirement years.






Please contact us so we can personalize your coaching experience and match you with the correct team of professionals: