Out To Lunch

The other day Milan came home clutching a greasy brown bag containing his hot lunch from the “natural” food company that feeds them at a rather exorbitant fee. And of course I was suddenly struck with pangs of guilt that I could be feeding my kids with my own greasy food instead. So of course, […]

“When a Pig Has A Party” also known as “When a little boy has no party”

We’ve just moved. Milan turns FIVE tomorrow. I’m not quite sure if the two kids he talks about at school are even real. He wants golf clubs (done), a hot air balloon (miniature purchased) and a blimp (not obtained). He wanted a party. And then didn’t want a party. And then did, but just wanted […]

Back to Basics

I realized that other day that it’s been a long time since I was at home with the kids. Granted they’re all at school until various times of day, but for the past 3 year I’ve worked full-time, so haven’t been home to prepare snacks after school and cajole people into doing their homework. And […]

Storm in a teacup

Tonight I made Max eat tortellini from the trash. Ok, it was just resting on top of the trash. But nevertheless it was in the trashcan. And when he gagged (yes, he gagged), I told him that if he threw up on my kitchen floor I would be mad. Ladies and, well, most probably you’re […]

Social Butterfly

(Week two in San Diego) While I should be unpacking boxes and making sure I know where all our underwear and toys cars are, I am in fact out to lunch. On a daily basis. And breakfast, coffee dates, concerts and dinners. And an occasional afternoon tea. In the two weeks we’ve been here, we […]

Security Blanket

A few days ago we woke to hear the news of a horrific massacre at a movie theatre not far from our house in Denver. It was 6:30am and Facebook was awash with the horror. I first texted my sister because she’s the only one I know who would go to a midnight movie, and […]


My best friend lives in Cape Town. And we have gone years without sharing our lives together. We’ve even gone for years not talking. But after Mia was born, we rekindled our friendship, and for almost ten years have done what we can to keep in touch. She’s a terrible emailer, and I’m horrible on […]