Crocodile Tears

Apparently real estate makes me cry. I remember 7 years ago, Darian wouldn’t put an offer on a house that I really loved, and I spent a day crying. Not crying in a sobbing-on-the-bed kind of way, but everything I did that day, I did crying. Same thing happened just last week. An agent told […]

This s*&t is bananas yo.

For the past 4 weeks, Monday through Saturday, I have been waking up at 6 am, and jumping around in front of a small DVD player in the kids playroom. I have developed what I believe to be intimate relationships with the people on my workout DVD. I really dislike the Asian girl who from […]


Me: Do you think your brother will be an actor? Mia: No, I’m still going with Large Animal Vet. Max: Please don’t patch the hole in the fence. It’s great for communicating with the neighbors. Me: Milani why are you wriggling? Milan: I’m trying to get uncomfortable. Me: Milan, what do you think you’ll be […]

A dingo ate my baby.

Milan and I have always been kinda tight. Ok, he’s a mommy’s boy through and through. Funnily enough, he didn’t start out that way, but when he was about 14 months old we took a trip to South Africa and he and I bonded in a big, big way. And so mommy has to brush […]

It’s Island Time

This week we’re going down to San Diego to choose a house. And look at offices. And we’ve pretty much ascertained that the kids and I will move mid August. We’re packing up the house for showing (when I say we, it’s me, and our Domestic Guru Jamie God Bless Her). And so of course […]

Hey you.

I’m sure millions of people hit this realization, but I wish I knew what I do now when I was in my twenties. It would have been so much more fun. My makeup would have been fabulous. I’d know what suits my frame best, and I’d know what kind of man really and truly suits […]

Please you

Trying to please everyone is a horrible habit. Really it is. And it’s a habit that I think I’m often party to. My kids, my husband, my family, my cleaning lady, the nanny. Yep. I’m a pleaser because I just want everyone to be happy, and sometimes it’s to the detriment of myself. Now I […]

Brownie Birthday Tower!

Max got to celebrate his birthday at school even though it’s in August. Really cool for him. And so we made a brownie tower (thanks to Claudia Simpson for the idea) and it was a huge hit, but couldn’t have been easier to make! A huge pile of brownies drizzled with glaze and yum! KIDISM […]


Why, oh why don’t I trust my gut? And when am I going to recognize that the uncomfortable niggling feeling I get is actually my pretty good instincts trying to tell me something? It happens all the time. Over and over. And still I don’t get it. I knew that the nanny was NOT going […]