Stiletto Slush

I’m at the Sundance Film Festival for the rest of this week, and I’m just wondering how some people manage to wear stilettos in the snow? That’s all. I also discovered that if you’re standing on the sidewalk and an enormous black guy pushes you aside, a famous person is nearby, and if you wait […]

Good Shabbes old school style

Growing up, we were a pretty sprouts and lentils kind of family, but my dad came from a traditional Jewish South African home, and one of my greatest memories was Friday night suppers at “Ma”. The food, traditionally Jewish and South African, was decidedly not sprouts and lentils, and dessert was always something banned at […]


Rockin’ The Red

Our new French au pair Lucie arrived and in her honor I put together somewhat of a French mime inspired outfit, that of course needed red lips. MAC Russian Red, to be exact. So it was sort of French meets Russian, I guess, and everyone kept asking me to mime being stuck in a box, […]


Oh dear!

I was at LAX a few weeks ago and there was a huge billboard for something called Dearfoams. There was a pretty girl leaning against a car wearing these sort of fuzzy moccasins, and I thought, “I should wear fuzzy moccasins!” And of course, like the good consumer I am, I hopped right onto […]

Adult dinner.

This week was a challenge because Darian was out of town, so the impetus to cook was a little diminished, shall we say. I did, however, create some delectable dishes that I’d like to share. The first, a Monday night chicken broccoli pasta dish, was inspired by our Sunday night dinner at Brio in Cherry […]

Get to the grain.

I used to think that Quinoa was a weird food for out-there hippie people. I also used to think that it was spelled Kinwah. Which I still think makes more sense. But I must admit that I’m starting to like the grain a little bit more. Before you picture me swathed in tie-dye, please understand […]


I have a boyfriend…

My friend Mary P. posted this today: ” my dilemma: my fave pair of boyfriend jeans has sadly shredded to bits. they saw me through two post-pregs and i miss them desperately; were worn in perfectly; and were just the right amount of baggy and comfort. i need a replacement pair – suggestions on brands […]