Smart girl…

I’m currently going crazy for DarbySmart – an absolutely delightful crafting company that sends you all of the goodies for an array of projects that I’d actually like to do! I’ve been a subscriber of their craft boxes for my 11-year-old for quite a while now, but honestly didn’t even look at their adult craft […]

Heavenly Sevenly

I’m obsessed with this concept: Sevenly. Each week they choose a charity and donate $7 from each purchase towards that charity. And they choose terrific charities. But what I love even more is that they make really, really cool clothes with really, really cool designs. I actually WANT to wear some of their items. And […]

Murky depths

I once lived in a house that had a huge garden with┬áan odd┬árectangular indentation in it. I came to find out that many years back, this rectangle┬áhad been a pool, in which┬áthe gardener had tragically drowned. And so the family filled it in. I remember thinking that it was a pity to no longer have […]