Holy Whole Foods

I don’t shop at Whole Foods often, which is bad since they carry our Vuka product. But when I do make it in, it’s kind of like a fantasy world. I get swept up in the delights of exotic grains, and dream about how I’m going to feed my kids only gluten free goodies and […]


Becoming an angel

At the end, I cried. Not because of what I had achieved. But because of what I hadn’t. In reality, this Grand Canyon trip wasn’t what I expected. Ascending the crest of the South Rim on Day 2 wasn’t the experience I imagined. I wasn’t hand in hand with my friend, sore and triumphant. I […]


Roses Are Red

Today I was reminded that sometimes it’s just good to travel on a path and see where it takes you. Quite literally. It was my mom’s birthday and she asked to go to the Denver Botanic Gardens this evening to see the Henry Moore Exhibit. I started to fret a little, thinking about bath times, […]


She said:

It seems that I have problems with restaurant owners. Every time I voice my opinion I get into a whole world of gastronomic trouble. Now, I understand that restaurant folk are passionate types (not unlike myself), but I also think that they need to be business owners. And sometimes that means not being blinded by […]


Plenty of fish to fry

I don’t know how well I did as a mom tonight . I guess some nights are just like that. It started with my perhaps overly ambitious attempts to make pan fried sole for dinner. There is a restaurant in South Africa called Willoughbys, and they make these divine sole, served in a glorious copper pan, […]